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This past week we had our Dodge Grand Caravan in for fuel injector problems. I know I had taken out a warranty for the van but could not find it. Scott went out of his way to call the 800 number I ha and got the warranty information and found out that what was going on was going to be covered. If Scott had not taken the time to do this we would have ha to pay quite a bit out our own pockets for this. For this we thank you Scott. Tuffys has given us more answers on what is wrong with the injector than the last two places we have taken our van to. Great work. Thank you!!!

— Kenneth D., Fargo, ND

I am not from Fargo, and when my check engine light came on, I knew it needed to be checked out before starting my 120 mile trip home. Scott got my vehicle in right away, found the issue, and had me on the road within a reasonable amount of time. Very fast and friendly service, and would definitely call on Tuffy Fargo in the future!

— Lisa P., Oakes, ND

I received excellent customer service Tuffy has been my one stop for repairs on my car I have been very happy with them

— Peggy B., Halstad, MN

Had a problem with my Hummer, took it to Tuffys and was very pleased with the work done.I have been taking all my cars to Tuffys for the past 15 years, Have never been disappointed !

— Doug H., Fargo, ND

I had been having car trouble and brought my car to two different shops, both said there was nothing wrong. Same issie came up again so I brought it to Tuffy. In a nutshell, there was slot wrong. Scott was very friendly and managed to squeeze me in. He took the time to explain to me the problem and how they fixed it. Lesson learned...i will take my car to Tuffy from now on.

— Julie H., FARGO, ND

Chad is always up front and fair when it comes to the services needed for our vehicles. Much thanks!

— Teri S., Fargo, ND

Highly recommend! Very friendly staff that our helpful in truthful .

— Samantha B., Fargo, ND

i have had car trouble for awhile, but one day it starting acting up really bad. i’ve been to multiple places, spent $$$ trying to get it fixed, with no luck. i finally brought it to tuffy tire and auto service and within 3 hours, everything was fixed at a reasonable price. it’s been about a week since i brought it here and it’s still running perfect! would i will definitely be coming here from low on, highly recommend them!

— alexis c., fargo, ND

I took my vehicle to other service providers in town, none of which were able to diagnose the issue I was having. Tuffy's took me for a FREE inspection and found the issue in less than 10 minutes. I know were I am taking my vehicles from now on...Tuffy Tire & Auto Service.

— Brian T., Fargo, ND

I walked in 5 minutes to closing after getting a flat on interstate. They were busy wrapping up the day but took the time to change my tire and get me on the road again. They even offered to store my used tire so I could work out my road hazard insurance on my way back through. Outstanding service and friendly staff!!!

— Javin B., East Grand Forks, MN

I have all my car repairs done at Tuffy in Fargo. The service is always excellant

— :Peggy B., Halstad, MN

I've used Tuffy since coming to West Fargo over 7 years ago. They have always treated me and my car right. I had over $1,000 work done yesterday and when I went to pay with my credit card, it wouldn't go through. I was so embarrassed, but Scott was very patient and called the bank. It seems the bank had a limit on how much can go out in a day. Evidently for the customers good. The bank changed the limit and it went through just fine. I will continue to use Tuffy. I find them to be very honest and the work they do is excellent. I will say I miss the carnation they normally put in the car after the work is done.

— dinah s., West Fargo, MI

I needed an oil change since I moved to Fargo in March and didn’t know where to go. I researched places in Fargo and Tuffys had great reviews. Car got in for an oil change, I asked them to look at the shaking in my car. Took it for a drive and informed me of needed new brakes and rotors. Set me up with a courtesy car and changed my oil, brakes and rotors. Shake is gone and like I’m driving a new car! Thanks Tuffy’s!!!!

— Teresa S., Fargo, ND

I had to get my water pump replaced about 3 weeks ago, and I received excellent service. The staff was very polite and they got my vehicle in right away and it was fixed less than two hours later. I will definitely return because this is an auto shop that I feel that I can trust to bring my vehicle to.

— Alexis B., Fargo, ND

I was very impressed with the level of professionalism from the moment they picked up the phone to the moment I got in my car to leave and there was a flower and thank you note on my passenger seat when I left. The mechanic that took a ride with me to make sure they were addressing the right problem was both professional and fun. They didn't have the part I needed in stock so they offered to have it there first thing in the morning and gave me a loaner to get to work the next day. They estimated that they should have it done by noon the following day. I received a call around 10am the following day to let me know it was finished. The price was comparable to other places around town but the service was outstanding. I finally found somewhere to take my car that I don't feel like I'm getting ripped off!

— Skip D., Fargo, ND

Our family of 4 was driving home to Michigan from Glacier National Park when our Toyota Highlander started making an alarming noise. We had stopped in Fargo for the night and hoped that our SUV would sound better in the morning! When it didn't, we went to Tuffy and found out we needed a new water pump. Even though they were very busy with multiple vehicles needing repairs, Scott found a way to fit us on to the schedule, which was a huge relief since we had been on the road for 12 days and didn't want to add another due to car problems. Scott was professional, friendly, reassuring, and went out of his way to provide us with excellent service, even offering us a loaner car (which we accepted) so that we could go to the zoo and out to lunch while our water pump was replaced. Mike did excellent work and finished the job an hour before it was promised to us. He was also extremely friendly and a pleasure to interact with. I highly recommend this shop and would bring all of our cars to it if we lived in the area!

— Annie M., Plymouth, MI

Scott Miller is kind, friendly and got us right in. Great experience!

— Brandon S., Fargo, ND

The guys at Tuffy’s are personable and honest about your automobile. They won’t rip you by charging unnecessary fixtures on your car that doesn’t need fixing. If you are looking for an honest, reliable auto shop, Tuffy’s is the place for you.

— Daniel S., Fargo, ND

Scheduled an oil change, was very happy with the service. They did a free spring car inspection and showed me a couple of issues with my car I would have never seen normally. Chad was very helpful with the issues and explained them well. He even offered financing! Which made my day!!

— Megan M., west fargo, ND

Chad did a wonderful job explaining what I needed to fix on my car and how much it was going to cost. He also made sure to let me know how long it would take and called when it was complete.

— Anna D., Fargo, ND

Front desk person Chad was very nice. Answered all my questions. Car was fixed correctly.

— Frank M., West Fargo, ND

Great Service!!!! Its great to find service advisors you can trust. Have had many repairs done at Tuffy and always been a pleasant experience.

— Zoey D., Fargo, ND

I made a major mistake while trying to add oil to my car so i searched car services near me and Tuffy's was the first to show up. I gave them a call right away and was talking to the store manager, who could tell i was very stressed after i had made the mistake on the car and he was SO helpful and understanding and helped me make an appointment as soon as possible. I went in the next day and was greeted so kindly and they were very understanding and helpful and they were able to fix the mistake that i had made on the car. The staff and service was unbelievable and i highly recommend Tuffy's in Fargo!

— Nicole P., Fargo, ND

I am glad to choose Tuffy as my service provider for My Car. I really appreciate the good customer service given to me by Mr. Scott and Chan Did a remarkable Auto service for my car. They were actually giving all options to make sure my car is in good condition. They did not hasitate to tell me all the needs of my car when they did thorough inspections and lastly they succeeded to make my car breath healthy again. I thank for being given quality Auto service which is timely and professional.

— Rashid I., Fargo, ND

My work truck went down last night I had no appointment scheduled I dropped off at 9 o’clock. I figured it be a couple days before I hear from Scott but he took care of me the next morning and had Van fixed by the afternoon thanks for the great job Scott and his crew I’d recommend them to anybody

— Mike L., Fargo, ND

Have always received great service and my wife likes the flowers I get.

— Dennis J., Fargo, ND

We came to Fargo for the weekend to visit family and the blower motor went out on our way up. We called somewhere else the next morning and we're told to find somewhere else so we called Tuffy and Scott was awesome. He and his team we're very professional and courteous. Thank you Scott and Team!!!

— Josh E., Sioux Falls, SD

I have been taking my car to Tuffy ever since I moved to North Dakota. I have complete faith that Scott, Kim, and the folks that work there will give me honest advice and good service.

— Claudette P., West Fargo, ND

Tuffy's did a fantastic job with my daughter's Audi's Oil Change. The manager was very pleasant and the staff was efficient and the cost was very reasonable. I will recommend Tuffy's to you and yours.

— Tom S., West Fargo, ND

I called scott on Monday to see if I could get my truck in for some work on it an he said surebeing it in after u get off work at 4.30 .. so I called him an said I don't have a ride home ..scott said don't worry about it we will get u home so his nice boss kim gave me a ride home an he did be fore to give me a ride home . he is a very nice guy an easy to talk to.. an scott got my truck in there the same nite that was very cool an nice of him an scott got the job done like he allways does ..keep up the good work guys..

— doran h., west fargo, ND

Tuffy has been a great customer to my friends and the Fargo community.I rate its performance 100%---A+. James Grupee

— James G., Fargo, ND

I have only the highest esteem for Scott and the team at Tuffy's. I was heading back to CO after spending the summer in MN and discovered during the oil change that the ball joint on the right side was very deteriorated and needed to be replaced. This was Saturday and I needed to be back to CO by Monday morning at 8am. Despite a full day, the team was able to squeeze me in and fix it. I left Fargo with only a 3 hour delay, but with peace of mind that I would make it back safe. I can't recommend Tuffy's enough. Excellent customer service...they actually cared about my schedule and my safety! Thank you so guys rock!!!

— Kim C., Pueblo, CO

Anytime I have ever need there assistance, they have taken very good care of me and my car. I have been going there for a very long time. I recommend Tuffy's.

— Brenda M., West Fargo, ND

When I call to set up an appointment, I don't even have to tell Scott and the gang who I am or what I drive. They know me and my vehicle so well! I appreciate their honesty and kindness in discussing maintenance needed. I've been going to Tuffy's for my car care needs for many years and intend to continue for many more!

— Amanda J., Moorhead, ND

Whether you are buying a used car or you have a car that needs maintenance, my recommendation is that you should take it to Tuffy Auto Service Center and see Scott Miller. Scott is a man of integrity. He and the excellent auto technicists will give you an honest evaluation of what your car needs and a fair price. I just took a used car I was considering purchasing to Scott. I receive a very clear idea of the car's condition and any repairs that needed to be done. It gave me confidence in the purchase.

— Tim P., West,Fargo, ND

Once again, Scott, Chad and the team came to my rescue. Adjusted a part they had installed several months ago and was not feeling quite right; now it is!! and, a 20 minute oil change!!

— Tom G., Fargo, ND

I never write reviews but this was such an exceptional experience I had to. I would give 10 stars if I could. From start to finish they exceeded my expectations! My dad had recommended them to me and now I will to others! Thank you so much!

— Roxanne M., west fargo, ND

First time customer, great service and very reasonable prices, I will be back as well as recommend tuffys to others.

— Tom S., Fargo, ND

Services with this company many years has been excellent and wonderful.I always recommend them to my friends and others.

— james G., Fargo, ND

Been going to them since that opened. All the staff are great and do outstanding work.

— Bruce F., West fargo, ND



I have lived in Fargo for 4 years now. Mechanics around town are average, but Tuffy is a great automotive service company! They are the best I have ever been to. I love the flexibility and quality of Tuffy and Scott Miller is a great person you have running the shop. I just started doing business with y'all and hope to do a lot more business with y'all in the future!

— Michael F., Fargo, ND

I'm an elderly lady who knows nothing about automobiles. I have always had wonderful service from Tuffy. They are honest and kind to boot. I recommend them.

— dinah j., west fargo, ND

I brought my elderly Mothers car in for service. I explained to Scott the situation of money available v.s. work needing to be done. Scott Miller explained all the problems with the car and asked what my Mothers budget was. Once this was done, the crew begain work on a 4 hour project. I was treated with kindness and respect as well as honesty. The major issues were taken care of and the cost of the service was more than fair. On behalf of myself and my Mother, I would like to thank Scott and the crew for a job well done! Highly recommend these guys!!!!!!

— David B., Fargo, ND

Whether you are buying a used car or you have a car that needs maintenance, my recommendation is that you should take it to Tuffy Auto Service Center and see Scott Miller. Scott is a man of integrity. He and the excellent auto technicists will give you an honest evaluation of what your car needs and a fair price. I just took a used car I was considering purchasing to Scott. I receive a very clear idea of the car's condition and any repairs that needed to be done. It gave me confidence in the purchase.

— Tim P., West Fargo, ND

Had received quotes for some fluid flushing for my 2010 Kia Sedona 100,000 service. Had also asked them about an estimate for a 100k tune-up (spark-plug replacement). Went ahead with the fluid flushing and brought it in. Got it done 1 1/2 hours sooner than promised and they had also taken a look at the spark plugs. Was told by Chad that they "looked brand new" and he didn't feel there was any reason to change them. It was a refreshing change to have an auto service place tell me that I DIDN'T need a service (an expensive one at that) that I had asked for a quote on. Too many places, especially the "quick oil change" places are all too eager to find additional services to replace, sometimes needed, sometimes-not needed.

— Steve S., Fargo, ND

They were very fast at getting me in. I didn't have a lot of time so they were friendly and nice enough to get me in quick before going to lunch. The two men I dealt with were also very courteous when discussing the condition of my car after doing a 10-point inspection.

— Karry L., Fargo, ND

Brought our 2002 mini-van in for a good "tune-up" prior to a long road trip. As usual, the crew addressed the items I has requested plus some more that I hadn't thought of! Bottom line; they care about their customer's vehicles!! We'll keep coming back.

— Tom G., Fargo, ND

We recently bought a '96 Pick-up and wanted to get it inspected. We brought it to another place and the cost was 3 times what Tuffy proposed. They were able to get the inspection and the work done, the same day. They were friendly and informative. I also appreciated them taking the time to show me where the problems were coming from. Being able to see the problems eased the idea of throwing a bunch of money towards this pick-up. Thank you for your kindness and honesty.

— Kevin W., West Fargo, ND

Scott and his team are awesome, always extremely helpful!

— Kamie A., Fargo, ND

Very good,does what it takes on short notices to help you out

— Matthew H., West Fargo, ND

scott miller and his team were extremely helpful and professional in handling my car problems.

— curtis a., moorhead, MN

Awesome customer service! They're always straight forward with what repairs they recommend, and are clear with the cost will be. They do an excellent job of explaining why the repair is necessary. For me, after I'm explained what the part does, if I still have a glazed look over my eyes, Scott or Ray has taken me back to my car to show me exactly what they're talking about. That alone, gives me a big piece of mind. They're not necessarily the most inexpensive shop in town, but you get what you pay for! And if you're willing to put your work in, they do pricematch competitors.

— Kayla L., Fargo, ND

Was in Fargo for weekend about 300 miles from home our vehicle was making some noise called Tuffy and they asked me to bring it I need right away. They checked it told us what was wrong and had my vehicle fixed within an hour and half. We continued on with our vacation Thank You Tuffy for your quick and excellent service.

— Robin L., Stanley, ND

Scott and the crew have been taking care of my wife's and my vehicles for several years as well as the company vehicles I use. Always honest, sincere, good service. Getting tougher to find as the years go by. Keep up the good work, guys!!!

— Tom G., Fargo, ND

This is the first time I have ever taken the time to write a review but Tuffys' staff and in particular the Manager Scott and owner Kim went above and beyond to ensure high quality service and to make sure our vehicle was safe to drive with our newborn baby. We live an hour and a half from Fargo, ND but this experience will definitely bring us back to this store for our repair work They not only worked hard on our vehicle but also worked well to ensure we could afford the priority and neccesary repairs

— Desiree K., Park Rapids, ND

Have been going to Tuffy's for many years. Have always had excellent service from the very beginning. They get the work done in a timely manner and have a courtesy vehicle for your use if needed. Will continue going there and highly recommend their service to anyone.

— Brian D., Fargo, ND

I have been bringing my vehicles to Tuffys since it opened and I have never had a bad experience. The guys are great at explaining what they have found and what needs to be done. They are not pushy if for some reason you do not want to fix whatever needs to be done at that time. They are always willing to work you in in an emergency too.

— Vernee M., Fargo, ND

This place is great. They fix my truck and help me with the coffee machine which I have never been able to figure out.

— Michael H., MOORHEAD, ND

The guys there are always so personable and are really informative. They've helped me out every time something bad has happened to my car! Once when my car was in for major repairs they lent me a loaner, which I needed to do my job. Thank you Scott and Ray and the entire team of hard workers!! You make my day!

— Mandy J., Moorhead, MN

Tuffy's has always been great! They explain things to me and always work hard to get me in during times I am available. The guys are all great! Thanks for taking such good car of me and my "baby"!

— Donna E., West Fargo, ND

Scott and the crew are always in top form. Work gets done well and usually ahead of schedule. Keep up the good work, guys!!

— Tom G., Fargo, ND

always very friendly and do excellent work.

— Dennis E., Fargo, ND

Service is always good. Thank you Tuffy...

— Bruce W., Fargo, ND

I've been taking my cars to Tuffy for years and they have been nothing short of excellent. They take the time to explain issues, provide fair rates and stand by their work.

— Dave H., Fargo, ND

At Tuffy's Auto Service, you get great service with honest estimates you can rely on. Scott Miller has been especially helpful and can always schedule me in for a repair or quick oil change. I have been a customer here for over 5 years and never been disappointed. I remain a loyal customer. Thanks Tuffy!

— Lisa L., West Fargo, ND

Scott and the guys at Tuffys are a great crew. Always seem to find time for my "emergencies" and usually on the same day. They will arrange for everything from start to finish. Which means more than once Scott even lined up the tow trucks for me. Appreciate the extra effort, and always the offer of the loaner car.

— Nadine A., West Fargo, ND

I was impressed with the way tuffys could get my van in right away and get it up and going in a very timely manner. the employees were very polite and informitive

— mike l., Fargo, ND

Good customer service and very friendly. They always explain what is wrong with the vehicle.

— Justin L., Fargo, ND

They have excellent service and explain whats wrong with vehicle and very friendly.

— Justin L., Fargo, ND

Great service, clean environment definitely coming back.

— Daniel S., Fargo, ND

Scott miller and his team r very friendly and accommodating. They got me in asap.the work they did was excellent and very reasonable. I recommend them for all your car care needs.

— Tami G., West fargo, ND

I was so impressed with the service we received . From the first phone call I made to the completion of our vehicle. They went above and beyond to take care of me as a customer and for the work that was done on our older 1972 vehicle. I would recommend them highly. Thanks for all you did for us.

— kay M., Fargo, ND

I found the Fargo Tuffy business to be an extremely generous business. I was given a free oil change for being a veteran. That is great when many businesses did nothing. I enjoyed their new coffee service when I was waiting and good conversation. When they gave me the report of things, that I needed to have repaired, they gave me the option of choosing the date to have them completed and said that financing was available. I had a very positive experience at the Fargo Tuffy Store.

— Michael M., West Fargo, ND

These guys are super amazing and Scott is phenomenal at his job. I have had several instances in the past 6 months where I needed their help on my older model car and they have gone above and beyond in every single case. For someone who knows little to nothing about cars they really take the time to educate you about what is wrong with the car and if it is something that you can live without fixing or is something that will endanger you on the roads. I trust these guys completely and they've never been shifty like some auto mechanics and even dealerships that I've dealt with in the past. Give them a shot - you won't regret it!

— Rachael K., Fargo, ND

I recently took a trip from California to North Dakota in a recently purchase 2006 GMC Dura-Max diesel which had a newly installed lift kit 2 days prior to my 2000 mile trip. My trip to North Dakota went problem free until the next morning when my check engine light appear. Being on a short schedule and on a Friday before labor day weekend. I starting asking folks where was a good auto shop and Tuffy's Auto Service came highly recommended. I called Tuffy's and Scout the manager answered and he agreed to squeeze me in and read the code to make sure it wasn't going to cause any issues for my return trip to California. The professional mechanics not only took care of my check engine light but found a potential life threatening condition with my tie rod ends on the front end. These are truly professional mechanics they went beyond what the initial problem was and basically saved my life had they not check the tie rod ends I would have had an accident on the return 2000 mile trip. Thanks again for the professional treatment I received and the reasonable amount you charged. You have my business when I return and my daughter's who lives their. Thank You!!

— Lee W., Davidson, ND

I'm writing this today to tell people what great customer service I received from the guys at Tuffy's when my car broke down last week! I was sure I would have to junk my car, but they took the time to talk to me about my options and we worked out a plan to fix my car that I could actually afford. Thanks to Scott and Ray and the other guys, my car now runs great!! I am so thankful this holiday season. The crew at Tuffy's really does care about their customers! Thanks again!! You are the best! Rachel

— Rachel A., Fargo, ND

Good morning, I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for the amazing service we received at your location while we were in Fargo. Ray and Greg went over and above for us! Sadly, the servicing the little red optra received did not fix the problem, as we experienced it again about an hour out of Fargo, it does not diminish how helpful and friendly Ray and Greg were. Keep up the excellent service! You will be recommended for anyone in trouble visiting in Fargo!

— Jon P., Fargo, ND

I recently took my car into Tuffy’s for a major emergency repair and was so impressed with their service that I wanted to share my experience with you. Not only was Tuffy completely honest through all steps from assessment to complete repair, detail oriented in their analysis of the issues, outstanding in customer service and advanced at troubleshooting they also went the extra mile to prove honesty, integrity and business ethic that by far makes Tuffy a leader in their field of specialty. During the process of fixing my car they gave me a fantastic, and reliable, loaner car. I would highly recommend all the staff at Tuffy in Fargo ND and encourage you to visit to experience what I would label as exceptional quality customer care and service. The technician was even available to answer a small question I had following the repair. On top of the above they also were very understanding about our repair budget and did everything to assist us including literally sourcing parts in our best interest. Outstanding! Once my car was repaired I honestly have to say I have never known it to run this well. A+++ Service. I will also be placing this recommendation on Yelp for those passing through town, new to town or those from Fargo seeking an new honest repair shop.

— Kayte T., Fargo, ND

We recently received service at the store in Fargo, ND for rear brakes and four new tires! The people there were very kind, helped us finance, and we are very happy with this service!

— Jeffrey O., Fargo, ND

I would like to thank Tuffy for taking care of my vehicle's needs. I completely trust that they will always do a great job, and they provide excellent customer service. I would like to say that Scott, their manager, has been very helpful and very easy to talk to. He understands my needs and makes sure that I am happy with the repairs on my vehicle.

— Charito H., Fargo, ND

I went frantically running around Fargo to find a service center that would do an alignment after 4 p.m. The first place I found that had time to do it was Meineke on 13th Ave in Fargo. After they did the alignment, they informed me that I needed a new tire, and that the alignment hadn’t solved the issue. From there, I paid the $86 for the alignment, and went looking for someone who had a tire in stock. I then stopped at Tuffy and spoke with Scott Miller. After examining my vehicle, Scott asked when I had received the alignment. When I informed him it was less than an hour ago, Scott told me they hadn’t touched my car. Scott then showed me what the tool marks would look like, as well as where they would be. Scott then personally called Meineke and asked for a before and after spec sheet. They did not have one, so Scott gave me advice on what to do next. Scott also put extra information on the Tuffy’s invoice in case I had to pursue legal action. All of the extras Scott did for me alone went above and beyond our expectations. After all of his help yesterday, Scott went above and beyond again today when he called me today to ask how my attempt at getting my money refunded at Meineke had went. When I informed Scott that they had not refunded my money, Scott suggested yet another action to take. I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated Scott’s help. You do not find many auto service centers whose staff actually takes the time and effort to help the customer out. Now I understand why this location has won so many awards. I can guarantee you that as long as we live in Fargo we will never be going to a different auto service center. I just wish we had come there sooner! If there is ANYTHING else I can do to make sure this Tuffy’s gets the recognition it needs, please don’t hesitate to ask.

— Patrick M., , MN

My comments today are about the store manager. While waiting for my work vehicle to get serviced, I watched (and listened) to the manager interact with several customers that came in. His "people" skills are very good, to say the least. He went as far for one fellow, to call a local used parts dealer and then gave the phone to the customer so he could find out about a part. That impressed me. I come from a retail background so this was a true refresher course in the skills of taking care of your customers. Tuffy gets my family's business and my work vehicle's business. They're good at what they do. Thanks for everything that you do.

— Tom G., Fargo, ND

Kim, Scott, and the crew at Tuffy have been amazing to us. Whenever I need work done, they always seem to go out of their way to work me into the schedule. The work is always explained in detail first prior to servicing my vehicles. Tuffy truly does it right! Thanks Tuffy!

— Bruce F., Fargo, ND

We were on our to Montana over the Labor day weekend when we had trouble with our truck. It was the first day of a two week vacation we had been planning for a year. We could not find anyone in Fargo willing to fix our truck, until we spoke with Scott. Scott said he would not leave us high and dry, that he and his crew would do their best to fix the problem, and fix it they did! Thanks so much for helping us out Scott, you and your crew did a great job and kept our vacation on track! Randy and Alicia Plymouth, MN

— Randy K., Plymouth, MN

Several months ago I had a mechanic at a car repair place near K-Mart put my car up on a hoast to look as I was hearing a noise in the right passenger side wheel area. I was told I needed two new barrings at around $250.00 per barring. I didn't have the money and so didn't have it done then. Lucky I didn't as when it got progressively worse I took to Tuffy in Fargo on 45th Street. They hoisted it up and informed me it wasn't a barring problem but I needed brakes. Paid around $330.00 and saved myself some money to boot!!!!! They gave me a list of things that I do need to have done and will in time as I get the money saved. I need tires, but don't have the $$$ yet. One was particularily bad and they gave me a used tire as they were worried about me running around on the old one. Great folks here!!! I highly recommend them. And they also give a carnation and a thank you card to all their customers. Really great service at competitive prices. Very nice and I can't say enough nice about them!!! A Plus in Every Way!!!!

— Dinah S., West Fargo, ND

My sister and I pulled into Tuffy Auto Service without breaks from out of state. "Scott the manager " went above and beyond the service that we needed. We are very grateful.

— Dora M., St. Bonifacius, MN

Late on a friday afternoon I ran into a little exhaust problem where it basically snapped in a spot under my car and was hanging there. I put in a quick quote and called and they were able to get my car in on Saturday morning and out before the end of the day. They were very helpful, kind, and fast in their service. I don't know what I would have done with out them at a moments notice. I would definitely recommend their service.

— Randa V., Fargo, ND

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